Rising University with Science Effort and Devotion

Program Educational Objectives

  • To ensure that our graduates have a successful career in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering by demonstrating strong technical competence and expertise and adapting to technological innovations;
  • To enable our students to use their design and analytical thinking skills and produce innovative solutions in application and research studies in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering;
  • To educate our students with the necessary competences in order to become well-known and mentioned experts in the field of electricity;
  • To ensure that our students are exemplary
  • in their professions by displaying behaviors such as honesty, virtue, leadership and cooperation.

Employment Areas for Electrical Engineers

  • They work on design and production of electrical machines and power transformers in factories and plants.
  • They design control and automation systems and provide the sustainability of existing systems.
  • They work in factories and plants which have high voltage and power electronics systems.
  • They work in factories and plants which have switchyards, cable industry and lighting systems.
  • They are able to access wide range of job opportunities based on design, project, sales representative, customer services and relations in other public and private institutions that supports industry.
  • They work as engineer and administrator in research and development departments, communication, automotive, power plants and electric transmission/distribution sectors in private and/or public institutions.
  • Graduates who study and/or complete postgraduate programme are able to be assigned as lecturer/faculty member in higher education institutions.
  • They execute consultancy activities on demand of public institutions and organizations.
  • In today’s world of rapidly advancing technological developments, there is a significant need for Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduates.